Cooling Tower Sealing

Sprayed Solutions

Cooling towers have numerous chemicals running through them in order to clean the water inside. However those same chemicals break down the metals the cooling tower is made of causing the tower to rot and leak. Sprayed Solutions offers a full cooling tower lining system that will stop leaks, and also create a barrier between the liquid and the tower to stop future rusting. 

Stripping and Blasting

Sprayed Solutions strips the interior of the tower where the liner will be applied to insure a strong bond. 


Polyurea is used in many industrial applications and is an extremely strong and also flexible material. The towers are lined with a Polyurea that is sprayed at 150 degrees and 2,500psi. When the Polyurea is sprayed it creates a seamless lining system that is flexible and thick that will seal your cooling tower for a long time. It is applied anywhere from 60-120 mills depending on the application. 

Cost Benefit

Sprayed Solutions' cooling tower sealing is a fraction of the cost of replacing the tower, and will outlast a new tower that will end up rotting again. In cities such as New York, road closures and crane rentals are needed to replace towers. However sprayed solutions has the portable machines to be able to line cooling towers virtually anywhere eliminating the need to replace them. In the end providing the company with a sealed cooling tower that will outlast a new one for a fraction of the cost.