Primary Containment

Tanks tend to deteriorate over time whether steel, or aluminum, causing the contents to leak out. With Polyurea we can create a full tank lining system that will ensure there are no more leaks in the tanks and help extend the life of the tanks. In this photo we lined sump pits with a Hi Chemical Polyurea, the company wanted the coatings to extend over the lip and did not care about overspray to the sides. 

Chemical Capability

Sprayed Solutions offers many different materials to coat tanks, whether there are harsh chemicals present or not, we can come up with a solution for your tank. 

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Secondary Containment

In many industrial settings such as refineries, there must be a secondary containment present around storage tanks in case of leaks. Concrete is no longer acceptable in alot of areas so we create a secondary containment with the use of Polyurea. If the area is a dirt surface we can still create a lining with the use of a foam, or a geotextile laid down first than sprayed with Polyurea.